Corpus Christi Procession at High Street

The Corpus Christi Procession for our parish was held for the very first time at High Street on June 9th after the vigil Mass. On a beautiful summer evening the procession made it's way from the Church and through our adjoining graveyard. Benediction was held at the centre of the graveyard and the cermony was much enhanced by Fr Tom's singing, concluding with some help from the Faithful with "Faith of Our Fathers".

Fr Frankie flanked by Barney Kenny left, Seán McKeown right, Tony Cassidy right and Seánie Murphy

Click for some more photos of the procession

“Dream your dream in us, O Lord,

that in this place we call Church

your reign will take shape

                                   and your people will be transformed by joy.          (M.Farrell)

Glory be……”