Thought for the future?

St Paul:

“By way of conclusion, familiarity with the fist and perhaps greatest pastor in the New Testament can help us today. Perhaps even independently of Paul as pastor, teacher and reconciler, we might catch his vision and energy, making them our own at the service of the Gospel in our time. Nevertheless, we do live at a peculiar time and we will not find all the resources for the future in the distant past. On the contrary, unless we have the courage to do something really new, then we will not be faithful to the past. To repeat is to falsify. New wine, new wineskins!”

(O’Mahony, Kieran J., OSA, Do We Still Need St Paul: A Contemporary Reading of the Apostle, (Dublin: Veritas Publications, 2009), p. 41

“Dream your dream in us, O Lord,

that in this place we call Church

your reign will take shape

                                   and your people will be transformed by joy.          (M.Farrell)

Glory be……”