High Street Jubilee


SACRED WALLS                                                                                                 

  Within these Sacred walls for the past 50 years countless prayers and sometimes hushed conversations have risen up like incense through the rafters and away across the fields to unknown destinations across the horizon.                    


No invitation necessary for its doors remain open – a pew always there in which those of us who journey, with footsteps light or heavy, may sit and feel secure in the presence of God and be warmed in the glow of the Sanctuary lamp.

Life unfolds within these walls for we have celebrated Baptism, Communion, Marriage.                                   

We have returned our loved ones to God where together with them we will live forever.

We have confessed our weaknesses in the past perhaps with fear and anxiety but now with kindness and compassion we are invited to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

We have praised God as our choirs have sung and continue to sing accompanied by the sacred organ notes guiding the melody.    

On Easter Sunday morning, sometimes as dawn breaks whilst the mist and fog slowly 

ebb away -                     

we stand and pray in the shelter of the gable wall surrounded by our loved ones. We acknowledge the past, we live the present as best we can and we are hopeful for the future because the seeds of our faith will be harvested and cultivated in time by our youth.

Where are we? Where did this journey begin?

Come and see - on a slight hill, visible for miles around, beside our Parish Hall, at the crossroads and just yards from High Street School. Here, if desired, you will find peace, comfort and solitude within the walls of the Church of Ss Patrick & Saran, High Street, Belmont.

AD  19.3.12

 Click here for Dawn Mass photos




  • We have just celebrated (30th June - 8th July 2012) the Golden Jubilee of the Church of SS Patrick & Saran, High Street, Belmont, Co. Offaly. It is one of the Three Churches in the Parish of Ferbane - the other two churches in our parish are St. Oliver Plunkett in Boora and the parish Church of the Immaculate Conception in Ferbane town itself.

  • Parishioners, living at home or abroad or anyone with a story to tell or owners of photos or mementos of occasions relating to our Church and Church Community are welcome to contribute to this site.


  • If you have any memories or comments to make, or photos to share of the week you can forward them to ferbaneparishweb@gmail.com

     Thanking You.

                                                    Ferbane Parish Web Development Team

“Dream your dream in us, O Lord,

that in this place we call Church

your reign will take shape

                                   and your people will be transformed by joy.          (M.Farrell)

Glory be……”

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